Frequently Asked Questions :

Can I come just for the tasters and parties ?

Yes, you can buy the Crazy Pass, only available in presale. It is not possible to buy a ticket for a party for 1 or 2 evenings, only for the whole weekend.
The number of  passes are limited. We are looking also for a balance lead/follow on the dance floor.

Are the classes given in English ?

Yes all the classes are given in English.

Can I register with a partner but not in the same level?

Yes you can, but you will both arrive on the waiting list anyway except that you’ll be on the 1st place.

Can I register with a partner that already completed the registration process?

No, it’s only possible to register as a couple if you both fill in the name of your partner and register on the same day.

Should I register with a partner?

We do change partners during the classes but we are looking for a balance Leaders/Followers.
You don’t have to sign up with a partner, but signing up with a partner increases your chance to leave the waiting list.
We do have some spots for single leads and follows in every level.

What’s the cancellation policy, can I sell or give away my pass to a fellow dancer?

You can find our cancellation policy in the Rules and Conditions.

What is a Jack & Jill competition?

A Jack & Jill is a format of competition in partner dancing, where the competing couples are the result of random matching of leaders and followers.
Rules of matching vary.
The Jack & Jill will have a different twist this year. You will be entrusted with a mission or be given a constraint which you will have to fulfil or overcome for better or for worse and laugh your head off. The Jack & Jill aims at sharing real communication, creation and fun.

I’m a complete beginner, can I join your workshop ?

Yes we have for you the Discovery Class called “Bordeaux “in Lindy hop on Saturday and Sunday.
Those starter courses will teach you some basics to have fun on the dance floor.

Will there be tickets sold at the door?

No, you need to register for the Crazy Pass in advance, no tickets at the door, neither on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.