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Woopie we have 1.000 follows on Facebook. Thank you so much!! Now it’s time to follow us on Instagram 😉 #crazyswingcamp


Sorry the beds are full!! No accommodation available for the camp unless locals offers some beds in their houses… let us know in this case info@crazyswing.be


Hey guys! We are now on Instagram. Let’s be social 😜 The more we are the more memories we’ll have of the camp #crazyswingcamp  

New Audition system

ELLA, LOUIS, COUNT level audition: Because we believe that everyone tries their best to register for the right level, we have an alternative audition system. During your first class the teachers can decide to change your level to either go down or up. Ideally, you and the teachers will agree on any change, but if […]

Tricks – additional info

Dips and Tricks are the spice of the dance, they can make anybody look super cool on the dancefloor. If they are done the right way and with a willing partner. You like aerials and want a little extra in your lindy hop ? You want your lindy hop dancing to be spicy and theatrical ? You […]

JALITY workshop

Mix of SOLO and LINDY HOP classes We had some error in the registration form for the JALITY workshop. It was not possible to register for this workshop till 13th of June. If you want to change your registration to Jality, please send us an email. “Jality is a new track containing 4 hours of […]