JALITY workshop

Mix of SOLO and LINDY HOP classes

We had some error in the registration form for the JALITY workshop.
It was not possible to register for this workshop till 13th of June.
If you want to change your registration to Jality, please send us an email.

“Jality is a new track containing 4 hours of authentic solo jazz and 3 hours of lindy hop classes. You will mainly focus on musicality and will learn how to listen and to imrovise on music. Authentic body language and rythm is the main ingredient of this track. Get to know your own voice and nuances. Appreciation of our own dancing is getting a step further.
You know at least the basics of the solo authentic jazz roots and like to be challenged or you have are an  intermediate+  lindy hop dancer.
This level is for “Louis, Count and Duke” levels dancers.”