On Saturday and Sunday, see description of the levels on the level page.


On Friday afternoon.
This level is open to intermediate and up levels.

You are a confirmed lindy hop dancer but solo jazz is challenging. You have a decent knowledge of authentic jazz steps and traditional routines like Shim Sham, Tranky Doo, or even Big Apple but don’t execute them perfectly. This class will challenge your movements as well as your expressions altogether in rhythm and musicality.


With Alba & Gaston on Friday afternoon.

You have taken several Blues classes or attend a few festivals or workshops and want to expand your vocabulary while refining your musicality? This is a level for you.

There is an option in case you never danced blues before but have at least one year of experience in other dance styles (tango, salsa, lindy hop, etc.) which could put you up to this level conditional to registering with a partner and not changing from it during the class.


Classes are given in English.
All classes have a nice wooden dancefloor, please bring only dancing shoes, no heels or city shoes allowed.


There are several breaks scheduled during the weekend. During daytime, there will be a dance floor available for practicing when you don’t have any classes.
Plug-‘n-play: we provide the sound setup, you choose the music. A playlist on your mobile device should do the trick.


AUDITION SYSTEM for Hearts & Diamonds strictly

Level Hearts and Diamonds are the most successful levels at Crazy Swing Camp this year and we can therefore make 2 groups of each levels.
Each level will be split in order to make 2 homogeny groups:

  • Diamonds 1, Diamonds 2: on Saturday at 10:30am in dance room Piano
  • Hearts 1, Hearts 2: on Saturday at 11am in dance room Sax

NO AUDITION SYSTEM for Ace, Spades & Clubs


The Tasters classes is where you can try something different related most of the time to swing dances.
You can join any taster, any level you want; you don’t need to register, just jump in the dance room.
To help you choose we give an indication of the level but you can join any you want : Easy – Open (mixed)  – Challenge (more difficult).
Find here the information about the tasters