LINDY HOP level 1 to 5

7 hours on Saturday and Sunday, see description of the lindy hop levels on the level page.

AUTHENTIC SOLO JAZZ (on waiting list)

3 hours classes on Friday afternoon from 3:30 till 6:30pm.
With Anna.
This level is open to intermediate and up levels.

You are a confirmed lindy hop dancer but solo jazz is challenging. You have a decent knowledge of authentic jazz steps and traditional routines like Shim Sham, Tranky Doo, or even Big Apple but don’t execute them perfectly. This class will challenge your movements as well as your expressions altogether in rhythm and musicality.


3 hours on Friday afternoon from 3:30 till 6:30pm.
With Katja & Peter.

This class will start with the basic understanding of the dance Called the Balboa Shuffle. Most commonly seen as a closed position dance, with small intricate shuffling footwork.
We will evolve our Balboa Class, and include the Los Angeles historical dance called Bal-Swing, and allow students to mix the two dances as they wish.

OPEN Level
Level suitable for total Balboa beginners (but need at least to have an intermediate lindy hop level) all the way up to advanced level. 
Shuffles will be beneficial to everyone even if you are not a beginner in balboa as no one shuffles in this way.


Classes are given in English.
All classes have a nice wooden dancefloor, please bring only dancing shoes, no heels or city shoes allowed.


There are several breaks scheduled during the weekend. During daytime, there will be a dance floor available for practicing when you don’t have any classes.
Plug-‘n-play: we provide the sound setup, you choose the music. A playlist on your mobile device should do the trick.


  • We believe that everybody tries his best to register for the right level.
    However the organizers and the teachers can ask you to go down or up a level.
  • There could be an audition for some levels.
  • It can happen that a level will be split in 2 groups because of the succes of certain levels. In that case at the beginning of your first class we will split the group (not depending of  level) regarding the amount of people and the capacity of the classrooms. No worries it will be possible to remain with your friends in the same group.
  • Remember each class & group will receive nice stuff to work on and will have a lot of Lindy fun!



The Tasters classes is where you can try something different related most of the time to swing dances.
You can join any taster, any level you want; you don’t need to register, just jump in the dance room.
To help you choose we give an indication of the level but you can join any you want : Easy – Open (mixed)  – Challenge (more difficult).
(You will find later here the information about the tasters)