• Level Spades, Diamonds and Clubs are on waiting list.
  • Very few places left in Hearts.
  • Places left in Ace.


  • Before signing up make sure you read the Rules and Conditions and level descriptions  to see which level suits you best.
  • If you register with a partner, both lead and follow need to sign up for the same class and level and each of you needs to fill in a separate registration form.
  • You cannot sign up with someone who’s already registered alone.


  • When your registration is accepted you will receive an email with all the information about the payment.
  • Once you receive it, you have 7 days to make the payment.
  • In case we’ve not received payment after 10 days your registration could be cancelled to give your spot to someone else. (Unless you are an Apollo Swing dancers and pay during the classes or if we clearly state otherwise in an e-mail sent to you).


  • We provide you the following 3 different payment methods: Cash – By Bank transfer – By Paypal.
  • Paypal: an additional cost of +/- 10€ will be charged when paying through Paypal.
  • If for any reason the bank charges Crazy Swing Camp for any transaction we receive from you, we have to add it to your payment.
  • No payment on the spot is allowed.