Pamela Gaižutytė

Humorous and dynamic, keen, full of heart and a touch of the anarchic, Pamela was spellbound by Lindy Hop energy and community at the age of sixteen when she started her first classes at Club in Vilnius. Despite her young age Pamela has already brought herself to light constantly learning anything related to dancing, be it music, psychology or anatomy.

In 2009, Pamela began working at Hoppers’ Dance Studio in her hometown of Vilnius, Lithuania. Today she dances and teaches with the top leaders in the international Lindy Hop scene. Having no constant partner has given Pamela space to bring a lot of variety to her dance – no wonder dancers call her one of the most exciting followers in recent years.

As a dancer Pamela cherishes individuality and freedom. For her Lindy Hop is not as much about impeccable technique as it is about musicality and awareness. As a teacher she shares her values and encourages people to find their own way of dancing: “Learn to be ok with the way you are and how your body moves. It’s all about you.”

Nietzsche once said “You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star”.

Rikard Ekstrand

Rikard Ekstrand, was inspired to start dancing at the early age of 7. Today he’s a well recognized dancer in the swing dance scene and working full time as a respected professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. Except from swing dancing, Rikard also studied funk styles for many years with a similar interest in the original styles and their connection with music and culture. He sees the expressions in swing dancing as an art form, a culture legacy and consider him self as a student of

rhythm. “In the school of rhythm you will always be a student”

In the classroom the main focus lies in “how” and “why”. A student should leave the classroom with new knowledge and inspiration. His passion for teaching drives on dancers sharing their dancing and express together with him. Expect a challenge in different ways than what you are used to.

Aside from Jazz dance festivals, Rikard also teaches at the university- Dans och Cirkushögskolan. Jazz dance history, traditions and the rhythmical jazz language. His big passion in methods and pedagogics make his classes interesting, different and very useful. Åsa Street Dance School is also one of Rikards yearly projects where he teach Jazz dance to Hip Hop dancers for the past 10 years.

In 2006 Rikard started his cooperation with the Harlem Hot Shots and is now since many years one of the core members in the hard working performance company. As a side project from dancing he play jazz music with his band Hornsgatan Ramblers(SWE).