Accommodation is provided in shared rooms for 6 people.
You have to bring your towels and soap but linnen is provide.
If you want, on your registration form, you can give us the name of who you’d like to have as roommate(s), please be sure they are or will also register for the camp.
Unfortunately we can’t provide 2 or 4 share rooms.
It’s not mandatory to sleep on-site, but we really do recommend it.


Lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday are included for participants registered for the Lindy hop workshop.
When you book for an accommodation the breakfast is also included.
You can let us know if you have any special diet or allergy when you register.
The proprietors of the domain Destelheide (where the camp is organized) don’t allow you to bring any food or beverages on campus.
Packed lunch or your own drinks are not allowed. Not even in accommodation.
You can however bring the water bottle you will receive at the check-in and refill it during all the weekend.


The main bar is in the main entrance.
Are you looking for anyone from the crew, this is where you’ll always find someone to help you or provide you with info.
The coffee bar under the restaurant will be open for the free coffee breaks from 1pm to 2pm.


Access to the parties are included when you register for the Lindy Hop workshop.

Crazy Passes are only available in presale.
The number for those passes are limited. We are looking also for a balance lead/follow on the dance floor.

When you register for the Friday Pass or the Crazy Pass you can follow the taster at 8:30 pm on Friday, at 8 pm on Saturday, at 6 pm on Sunday.

Live bands on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, top dj’s, an excellent dance floor are the ingredients for a magnificent party.
Crazy Swing even has a couple of crazy surprises up its sleeve!

Smoking is NOT permitted in any buildings of the Destelheide domain.
We kindly ask you to go and smoke outside and to throw your cigarette-stubs in the bins.